Regulations of DropShipping One affiliate program

Gatecommerce Ltd, owner of the Dropshipping.one website (hereinafter referred to as "DropShipping One"), based in the United Kingdom - Barnsley, 346 Pontefract Road, invites the potential affiliated user to take careful and complete vision, in a moment prior to registration in the affiliation procedure present on the website www.dropshipping.one, of this regulation concerning the affiliation program, which governs the affiliation activity concerning the receipt, in favor of the affiliated user and by part of Dropshipping One, of specific and agreed advertising commissions for sales made on the Site, and due to the promotional activity carried out, by the affiliated user, by means of the affiliate links published on their own CDs. digital showcases (eg: websites owned by the affiliated user, blogs, newsletters, social networks, etc.).

Earnings of the affiliate

For each successful purchase on the Site, the affiliated user earns 50% of the total order, ie the amount paid by the site users (suppliers of goods and online sellers) for the services they purchase. The total order is considered including VAT when due, as well as the commission when the VAT is due by the affiliated user.

The remuneration is considered effectively accrued (and, therefore, visible in the Affiliate Panel) when the period within which the customer can validly exercise the right of withdrawal (14 days) elapses entirely.

How affiliation works

Every time a navigator user reaches the site by clicking on an affiliate link, a recognition cookie is set on the browser of the browser (eg: edge, firefox, safari, google chrome etc.). The duration of the cookie is 90 days. Thanks to this cookie, every time a purchase order is made on the Site by the navigator user in question (possibly also on different dates and / or products) the affiliated user will receive commissions from Dropshipping One provided for in the Affiliate Program.

The system prepared by DropShippong One keeps track of the movements of each navigator user for 90 days, a period in which if the navigator user acquires even without going through the affiliate link again, the related commission will be recognized by DropShipping One. affiliated user.

Within the Affiliate Panel it is possible to verify, by the affiliated user, in real time the traffic logs, conversions and payments received; in addition, there are some banners available from DropShipping One.

Payment of commissions

Payments are made by DropShipping One once a month, within the 7th day, to affiliates that we have earned credits for at least € 50.00 (if this sum is not reached, the earnings are credited to the following month).

For professional or corporate affiliates, payments are made upon presentation of an appropriate tax document (invoice). For consumer affiliates (private citizens) DropShipping One will issue a specific receipt for each payment made.

Membership in the Affiliate Program

The user interested in becoming a DropShipping One affiliate is required to complete the appropriate registration procedure on the Site by creating his own personal account, subject to acceptance of this Affiliate Program. The compilation of the appropriate registration procedure is completely free and, therefore, does not entail any charge or disbursement of an economic nature for the affiliated user.

Once registration on the Site is complete, DropShipping reserves the right to decide, at its sole discretion, to admit the related user affiliated to the Affiliation Program, and also reserves the right to revoke, at any time and without having to provide any type of justification, the Affiliate Program towards one or more affiliated users.

The Affiliate Program is free from exclusive obligations; therefore, the affiliated user has the possibility to collaborate with other companies that promote similar services.

It is the precise and exclusive responsibility of the affiliated user to ensure that any information entered in his personal account is complete, up to date and accurate.

Duration of the agreement

The agreement between DropShippig One and the affiliated user in relation to the Affiliation Program is for an indefinite period, without prejudice to the right of each party to resolve it at any time, without notice and without having to compulsorily submit any type of motivation or justification in this regard.

In the event of termination of the Affiliation Program, DropShipping One undertakes to recognize and consequently pay the related affiliated user all the financial compensation accrued by them and due up to the date of effective termination of the Affiliation Program.

The effectiveness of this agreement will start from the moment of acceptance by DropShipping One of the registration request to the Affiliate Program.


It is absolutely forbidden for the affiliated user to promote, for whatever reason or motivation, the services present on the Site through paid advertisements (eg Google Adv) that use the word search key the name of "DropShipping One".

It is absolutely forbidden to promote the services present on the Site through fraudulent programming techniques suitable to force the natural attribution of cookies in the navigators 'users' computer. In this regard, DropShipping One reminds you that the personalized cookie of the affiliated user must be installed naturally with a spontaneous click by the user navigator to the link of the Site.

Failure to comply with the illustrated prohibitions determines the cancellation of the affiliated user's account by DropShipping One and the consequent complete cancellation of the commissions from these up to that moment accrued towards DropShipping One, without prejudice to the right, in the hands of DropShipping One, to assert its rights in the competent judicial offices.

DropShipping One reminds you that you have the right to request. to the Site.

Any changes to this Affiliate Program

DropShipping One reserves the right to modify this Affiliate Program at any time and, therefore, any changes or additions to this Affiliate Program will come into effect from the moment they are published on the Site. Consequently, the affiliated user is required to frequently consult the most up-to-date version of this Affiliate Program.

In the event that any clause or article of this Affiliate Program is declared invalid, invalid or for any moment unenforceable, this event will not affect the validity and effectiveness of the other residual clauses or items of this Affiliate Program or the updated or modified version or integrated with them.

Applicable law and competent court

This Affiliate Program is a regulated, so far as not expressly indicated, by the applicable United Kingdom legislation.

The competent court in the event of litigation is the Barnsley Law Courts (United Kingdom).


Barnsley, 13/04/2019

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