The creation of a catalog for Drop Shipping sellers

The creation of a catalog for Drop Shipping sellers

Just as the choice of suppliers is one of the most important decisions you will face in the planning of your business in DropShipping, in the same way the care with which you will manage your product catalog will determine your success, you can be sure of it.

Not infrequently we can see eCommerce sites developed without a particular marketing expertise developed almost unwillingly where chaos reigns: internal search engines that work poorly, categorisations of imaginative products, info and unclear guarantees, not to mention related products without any link between their.

In short, as in a real physical store, in the same way your online store will have to be clean and tidy and if the catalog contains hundreds or even thousands of products it will be essential to have a well-structured internal research that is easy to understand and use. But this is really the minimum.

How can we optimize our DropShipping catalog?

It is important to specify that not all suppliers in dropshipping allow their personalization and, moreover, each catalog should be optimized according to the type of products it contains.
However, there are some good habits that should always be considered to avoid the most common mistakes.

The order of the products

Certainly the order in which we show our products should not be alphabetic, neither by code, nor by price.
The order in which we show our products will have to be well studied according to the wise criterion of "popularity", that is putting in the first place in the catalog the best-selling and best-reviewed products. Amazon docet.

Category structure

The categories must allow easy navigation and must have a tree structure, possibly without a real number of levels even if it is advisable not to exceed three or four levels in order not to burden the navigation too much.


Whether you run a clothing site or a DIY site, with variations you can indicate the sizes and colors of your clothes in the same offer, or perhaps the diameter, length or finish of a screw. In this way you will be able to show many more products on one page and you will not create duplicate products favoring indexing: that's really important!


As every product can not be touched or seen live, what could be better if not many images that show all the particularities of the product itself? Add as many images as you can in high quality and zoom in to your customers. It is statistically proven that good images can increase sales by up to 20%.


Globalization has led us to export and import everything, but for a greater scope of visibility it is essential that the descriptive contents of your products are in multiple languages.
Would you be able to buy a product on a site in a language that is incomprehensible to you?


As well as for the language in the same way multiple currencies could increase the perception of importance of your catalog globally. It is not a really important option but recommended especially in non-European countries.

Search engine

If the catalog is complex and the number of products and variations exceeds one hundred it is essential to have an internal search engine that allows the buyer to quickly find the desired product. The search must be made possible by code, tag, price and of course based on the words contained in the description.
The navigation will be greatly simplified also with a good product filter.


Prices must always be shown in an intelligent way, preferably with different colors from the rest of the descriptive text and with big discounts and on display.

Purchase procedure

The purchase process must be immediate and managed in just 3 steps:

  • cart page,
  • information collection page,
  • confirmation summary page.

The customer must not have second thoughts during the purchase, everything must spin smooth and fast.
The cart must have sufficient flexibility to allow the buyer to change their order and use different payment and shipping systems: it is essential to have a credit card payment system.

Unmissable must be related products: if you choose for example to buy a pair of shoes, the cart can signal to buy a protective wax to keep the leather of the shoes intact and so on.

Finally, the ability to send to an address other than those who order will be a good incentive for those who want to use your site to make a gift.


Customer loyalty

Try to differentiate yourself from your competitors by "cuddling" your customers. Make sure they come back to you with exclusive promotions and always encourage multiple and ongoing purchases.
Create bundles, point collections, discount coupons to send to the customer after reviewing their shopping experience in your store.
Creates dynamism with your users on your social pages and always listen to all the criticism, only in this way you will be able to buy confidence and improve.

If you want your site to be successful, create a unique shopping experience and try to optimize your product catalog to the fullest, do not leave anything to chance!


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