Dropshipping.one: where online sellers meet dropshipper

Dropshipping.one is a meeting point between manufacturers and distributors (suppliers) of goods operating in dropshipping, and online sellers. It is a portal where you can consult a directory containing the list, websites and dropshipper contacts from all over the world.

On Dropshipping.one online sales professionals can find new products to be placed on the market through their eCommerce channels: proprietary sites or marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon.

Manufacturers and distributors can find important partners to broaden their horizons, being able to count on experts able to propose their catalog on new markets.

At Dropshipping.one there are both large companies, with catalogs from tens of thousands of products, and artisans and small companies, with a more exclusive set of products.

Let's think about the enormous advantages a small craftsman, accustomed to operating only locally, could have in meeting a team of sales professionals able to beat the market in a capillary way: USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France...

Naturally there will be more specialized sellers on certain countries and language groups, thanks to marketing and social positioning. However, if we combine all these companies, the commercial coverage will be complete and the producer will be able to significantly increase its turnover, giving visibility to its brand worldwide.

Dropshipping.one connects the two parties, which can agree autonomously on the rules of collaboration (prices, shipping methods, payment methods, returns management, exclusive territorial, etc ...).

The Dropshipping.one database is in part public with free access (where the sponsor companies are highlighted), and in another part reserved for subscribers, who have access to the complete directory.

The sale in dropshipping allows the seller not to invest for the purchase of products to be placed in their own warehouse, and the manufacturer to receive payment for each shipment made. The direct meeting of online producers and sellers, without intermediation, allows all parties to increase their commercial margins.

At Dropshipping.one, vendors and producers will also find useful suggestions to improve their work: new tools, innovative service providers, specialized marketplaces, alternative marketing solutions, and much more.

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DropShipping One

DropShipping One is where drop shipping suppliers meet online sellers.

The suppliers of goods can register for the visibility service free of charge to online sales subscribers and optionally purchase additional visibility.

Online sellers can consult the public area for free, and optionally purchase a subscription to view the entire database of subscribers (more than 700 suppliers from all over the world).

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