Affiliate Program DropShipping One
Programma di affiliazione DropShipping One

The DropShipping One customer target is very broad: we offer visibility services both to companies that have products to offer in DropShipping mode, and to online sellers.

Our affiliate program provides a 50% remuneration to our partners, on sales made to both categories of users.


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  • start to EARN in just a few clicks


  • services aimed at
  • online sellers and
  • suppliers of dropshipping goods


  • 50%
  • of commission

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can you make money with DropShipping.One?

DropShipping.One has a very wide target of customers: it offers visibility services both to companies that have products to offer in DropShipping mode, and to online sellers. For this reason, marketing activities, in all their facets, are an essential part of the site.

Among these, the affiliation activity, allows anyone to be able to "advertise" DropShipping.One and get in return a very substantial gain!

DropShipping.One "pays" its affiliates to advertise their services.

Who is a DropShipping.One affiliate?
How can an affiliate promote DropShipping.One?
How does it work and how long does affiliate tracking work?
Where should I promote DropShipping.One?
Where am I not authorized to promote DropShipping.One?
Can I use social media to promote my affiliation to DropShipping.One?
What are the commissions and earnings for DropShipping.One affiliates?
What are second level affiliations?
How many levels of affiliations does DropShipping.One allow?
Is it possible to check my own "affiliate" work and view statistics?
When can I receive my earnings?
Are there any limitations?
What happens to those who practice improper operations?

DropShipping One

DropShipping One is where drop shipping suppliers meet online sellers.

The suppliers of goods can register for the visibility service free of charge to online sales subscribers and optionally purchase additional visibility.

Online sellers can consult the public area for free, and optionally purchase a subscription to view the entire database of subscribers (more than 700 suppliers from all over the world).

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