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Dropshipping.One, sponsor of the young artist Elisa Neri

Dropshipping.One, sponsor of the young artist Elisa Neri

Dropshipping.One believes in young people and small artisans and artists because they are the ones that make the difference in a world of steriotypes. Precisely for this reason we decided to support a young Italian-Bulgarian artist and singer Elisa Neri.
Elisa dedicates herself to art and music from a very young age, participating in festivals, charity concerts and art exhibitions such as in Italy, as well as in Bulgaria and the last 2 years also in the United Kingdom where she currently lives with her family.
In May 2019 Elisa writes the song Sand Clock together with the Italian-born composer Michele Ruberto, which must be published immediately on all platforms such as Sportify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Google Play, iTunes etc.
Elisa also creates her self-portrait which becomes the cover of the piece.
Today September 2, is the release of Sand Clock's Official Videoclip on youtube and Dropshipping.One, along with other Italian, Bulgarian and Greek partners supported this project.
Sand Clock talks is about the life of this "citizen of the world" girl as Elisa defines herself. This song and the whole Sand Clock project, is a story that many immigrants live.

Here is also the Sand Clock video clip that in a few hours has reached thousands of listeners from all over the world.

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