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4 new dropshipping suppliers of Smartphones

4 new dropshipping suppliers of Smartphones

Smartphones have practically become a vital element in our lives. But do we know which is the biggest mobile manufacturer in the world? Which companies have the largest share in the mobile phone market?

The South Korean Samsung closed 2018 as a leader in smart mobile phones (smartphones), with a market share of almost 20.8%, although it has been losing ground compared to the 30% it had at the end of 2016.
The second place is disputed by Apple and Huawei, where the growth of the Chinese company was 34%, while Apple sales fell by 3%. The largest Chinese mobile manufacturer, Huawei, is already approaching a 13-15% market share. Huawei remains the number 1 smartphone brand in China and is the top 3 among many European markets.

Today Dropshipping One offers 6 distributors of Huawei, 17 of Samsung, 7 of Apple smatphones.

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