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Data inizio attività: 2019
N° Dipendenti: 14
Tipo di attività:
  • Produttore

TRUVERRA recently launched its higher-quality Cannabidiol (CBD) portfolio of Supplements, Medical Devices and Cosmetics in Europe, all containing extracts from Certified Prime Quality European hemp. In addition to its ‘made in Europe’ approach, many of these formulations have been developed to ensure consumers receive the maximum potential from their CBD products by utilizing a liposomal delivery system that allows a higher percentage of CBD to reach the endocannabinoid system in a shorter period of time. 

We have:

  • 3 Creams with a CE mark for eczema, acne, and psoriasis (registered in Europe as Class 1 medical devices).
  • A range of Solutions with Vitamins, Curcumin and CBD which use liposomal technology for better absorption.
  • Other products include Organic Oils and Balms.

All Truverra products are:

  • Labelled as per current EU and UK legislation.
  • Compliant with EU and local UK laws on Cannabinoid contents.
  • Manufactured under GMP standards.
  • Supplied with full documentation (CoAs & MSDSs). We also provide full manufacturing and Supply chain transparency.
  • Provided with Product data sheets/ information.

Truverra products are available  on-line at www.truverra.com and through distributors and retailers. For further information about Truverra or collaborations you can contact Lucia Taboada, Business Development Director at [email protected]


Auridiol for migraine
CBD Organic oil 3%
CBD Organic oil 5%
Dermafortis cream for psoriasis
Dermaquet cream for acne
Dermasidol cream for eczema
Immuniol supplement for immune support
Allevius cream for pain
Liposomal CBD medium
Brand Distribuiti: Truverra
Lingua parlata:
  • Inglese
  • Italiano
  • Olandese
  • Francese
  • Tedesco
  • Greco
  • Polacco
  • Portoghese
  • Spagnolo
Prodotti in catalogo: 11 - 100
Spedizioni internazionali: Si
Possibilità di richiedere esclusiva di vendita: Si
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165 Fleet Street London
United Kingdom

Informazioni di contatto

Persona di riferimento: Lucia Taboada
Telefono: +44 7730912106
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